July 2nd - 5th, 2015

Tips and FAQs

Naperville Ribfest Tips & FAQ

No Pets are allowed at Ribfest.

No outside coolers may be brought into Ribfest. No outside food or beverages (with the exception of factory sealed water bottles or baby formula) can be brought inside the park.

View below for any question you may have, or Contact Us.

Q. What happens when the park closes due to crowd capacity?
A. The decision to close the gates of Ribfest due to crowd density is the decision of the City of Naperville Police Department in concert with Ribfest leadership. Their decision to close for public safety is based on the ability of people to get out of the park in case of emergency. Crowd density is determined by examination of the flow of people primarily by the stage. If the walkways remain open and clear and people can move around, the city will keep our gates open. Once the gates are closed, no one is allowed in once they leave Ribfest.

Park Closing details can be received by signing up on Twitter – @Ribfest_NXC

Q. Does the park close if it rains?
A. No, Ribfest will remain open if it rains but close temporarily during periods of lightning. Ribfest works with the Local emergency Management Weather team to monitor the weather approaching Ribfest. Ribfest will temporarily close during any period where lightning is present. All guests will be asked to leave the park at that time. When the lightning is safely past the park, Ribfest will re-open.

Guests can also listen to FM 95.9 The River for updates on weather and gate reopening. Park Closing details can also be received by signing up on Twitter – @Ribfest_NXC.

You can also listen to WBBM Newsradio 780 AM & 105.9 FM, B96, KHiTS 104.3, 93XRT, US99.5, and The Score 670 for information about Ribfest reopening of its gates. Make sure you have your hand stamped before you leave Ribfest so that you can re-enter once Ribfest opens again.

Q. I can’t find a parking place. What should I do?
A. Parking is an issue at Ribfest. Ribfest encourages our guests to park in one of our remote parking lots and take one of the free shuttleRibfest provides.

Q. Where is the best place at Ribfest to watch the fireworks presented by Meijer?
A. There are very few bad locations at Ribfest to watch the fireworks presented by Meijer but spaces are quickly taken so we suggest coming to Ribfest early to get a good spot.

Q. What do you suggest a family bring for a day at Ribfest?
A. Summertime in Naperville can be quite sunny and warm. Ribfest suggests that you bring sun tan lotion and sungalsses. The dining tents provide shady tents to eat and rest. Wear good shoes because Ribfest is around 20 acres in size and almost all of it is on grass. All of the rides and events in the Ribfest Family Area are free with your gate admission, but you might want to bring some extra money for food and beverages and the Carnival Area rides. Most of all, bring patience and have fun.

Q. Who puts on Ribfest and Why?
A. Ribfest is put on by the Exchange Club of Naperville to raise funds to help fight child abuse, domestic violence and to strengthen families in our local communities. We are proud to say in over 26 years we have contributed over $13M back to our community to support this effort.

Q. I think I left something at Ribfest. How do I retrieve it? Lost & Found
A. For any Lost and Found – please stop by the barn at 421 W. Martin just inside the park on Martin during the event. After the event check the Naperville Park District office at Mill and Jackson for any remaining items.

Q. What if I get separated from my child? What is Child ID?
A. Ribfest provides child identification inside each of the three main gates at Ribfest. Child registration ensures that if your child is separated from you that we can quickly locate both parent and child.

If your child gets lost, immediately contact the nearest police officer or Ribfest representative and provide them with a detailed description of your child– clothing, age, name, last location etc.

Q. Where is Will Call?
A. Will Call is at the East Gate Ticketing Area. View the Ribfest Map.

Q. Is there any re-entry into the park allowed?
A. We will allow you to leave the park and come back. We do this by putting stamps on your hand when you leave and verifying when you return. *note: re-entry into the park is not guaranteed (if your stamp rubs off…). Each day we have a different colored stamp.